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Delay deu to Turning Vehicles (Ex. 17-13)

Pat Hawley
R.A. Smith National
Delay deu to Turning Vehicles (Ex. 17-13) was posted on October 17th, 2012 at 3:01 PM EDT
regarding Chapter 17: Urban Street Segments

The values for through delay due to turning vehicles at an access point provided in table 17-13 seem counter-intuitive to me. The values for 2-through lanes are greater than the values provided for 1-through lane (ie. at 700 v/h/ln the through delay is 0.39 sec but with 2 lanes the delay is 0.72 sec). Wouldn't a single lane be more restrictive at an access point (with two lanes a through vehicle could bypass a turning vehicle).

Any clarification would be appreciated.


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