Volume 4 for HCM 2010 has moved

The HCM 2010 (HCM 5th Edition) is now two editions behind the current edition (the HCM 7th Edition, 2022). Users needing supplemental material for the HCM 2010 or the HCM 6th Edition can find it on the Volume 4 website for the 7th Edition, hcmvolume4.org.

Logging in

All HCM 2010 Volume 4 accounts created prior to August 2016 were transferred to the new website when the HCM 6th Edition was released.

Where to find HCM 2010 material

Volume 4 for the HCM 7th Edition is organized similarly to Volume 4 for HCM 2010. Find material specific to the HCM 2010 in the following locations:

Once again, the website address is hcmvolume4.org.