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This is Volume 4 for the HCM 2010. To access Volume 4 for the HCM 6th Edition, first published in 2016, please visit

HCM Volume 4 is now available to ALL USERS!

Volume 4 of the Highway Capacity Manual has been revamped to allow ALL users to have access to this important resource.

What is Highway Capacity Manual Volume 4?

The HCM was divided into multiple volumes as part of the 2010 Manual production. Volumes 1-3 are part of the printed Manual. Volume 4 is an online resource that provides a wealth of information never before provided to HCM users. Resources include:

Who Can Access HCM Volume 4?

HCM Volume 4 is now available to ALL users! No HCM purchase is necessary. Sign up now to take advantage of these resources and join the discussion!

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RE: Freeway Weaving - LOS F in HCM but works in VISSIM
Questions & Clarifications

Having trouble with something in the HCM2010? Need further information to clarify a position? Conversations here will help create the ongoing errata for the manual found in the Interpretations page on this website.

Climbing lane on a freeway section procedure?
by randomname33
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RE: Chapter 27 & 28 Available?
by Manuel Tamayo